Webinar: Overcoming Legal Hurdles for eBLs.

electronic bills of lading webinar

TEL AVIV, Israel, July 1, 2023 – The American Bar Association recently hosted a webinar on electronic bills of lading (eBLs) with Boaz Lessem, Head of Legal Product at WaveBL. Here are the key takeaways:


Embracing the Digital Revolution: Traditional paper-based bills of lading are being replaced by eBLs, offering exciting opportunities for the shipping industry. The webinar explored the benefits and challenges of adopting eBLs in global trade.


Unleashing Commercial Advantages: eBLs streamline trade operations by digitizing documentation, eliminating paperwork, and improving efficiency. Real-time tracking and visibility enhance supply chain management, saving time and cost.


Navigating Legal Challenges: While eBLs offer undeniable benefits, legal obstacles hinder widespread adoption. Boaz discussed the need for legal reforms, international cooperation, and harmonizing frameworks to successfully implement eBLs.


In conclusion, the webinar highlighted the potential and legal challenges of eBLs. Boaz Lessem emphasized collaboration to overcome barriers. Embracing digital solutions like eBLs can revolutionize global trade, leading to a more efficient and streamlined future.



Watch the full recording ->


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