Transfer Title & Possession Without Paper Documents

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A Validated & Secure Digital Communication Network

Presenting a peer-to-peer network that provides all of paper’s protections in an entirely digital framework. Issue, sign, and send unique documents in a legally binding format that mirrors all of paper’s benefits and advantages without the wait. Instantly transferable and privacy-oriented, Wave promotes best document practices in an exclusively digital environment.

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Our Solution

Issue and Transfer Unique Documents of Possession Seamlessly

Issue, transfer, and receive negotiable and non-negotiable bills in minutes. Cut expenses and wasted resources by deploying a cost-effective solution that can be integrated directly with legacy ERP and TMS systems. Best of all, reduce risks, slash fraud, and improve privacy controls.


Transfer documents in minutes instead of days and weeks without a courier


Prevent fraud and risk of document loss or misplacement in a peer-to-peer network


Issue and transfer documents as simply as sending an email

Our Technology

Add Real Value Without Disruption

Wave has developed a decentralized, peer-to-peer network designed to enhance communication between parties that discards paper’s outdated cost structure. Issue original, verifiable documents of title that can be passed seamlessly between parties in minutes and quickly validated for authenticity.

No more couriers. No more missing documents. No more filing cabinets.

Add reliability, dependability, and privacy to your unique documents by implementing a process designed to preserve anonymity while defending against data mining.

Meet Our Visionaries

Gadi Ruschin

Chief Executive Officer

12 years experience in the international trading sector as an active participant of the shipping industry. Gadi managed trading offices in Israel, China, India & Egypt and supported customers in the U.S, Europe & the Middle East. Gadi specializes in complicated, vertical business transactions, combining components from different production regions.

Or Garbash

Chief Technical Officer

11 years of experience in network engineering, information security, cyber security and software development. Or’s career began in IDF's Intelligence Corps and continued as a tech & cyber team manager for different projects in the business and defense sectors.

Yair Sappir

Chief Product Officer

11 years of experience in information security at the Ministry of Defense and as a team leader in the cyber security division. Yair managed and personally developed many security tools for the Israeli defense sector.

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