The Digital Courier

Wave delivers an entirely digital document format that empowers remote business continuity in a secure, efficient, affordable, and non-disruptive package.


The Dependability Of Paper In A Sleek Digital Format

Digitally possess documents & prove ownership.

Upgrade your business flows with the Wave digital document issuance and authentication protocol.

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Absolute Authenticity With No Bottlenecks

Verified originals, signed, stamped & delivered.

Instantly issue and confirm the integrity of unique digital documents, in a private P2P environment.

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Innovation Without Disruption

Onboard in minutes. Exchange docs in seconds.

Paper is a weight on the bottom line. Digitize your documents with the Wave protocol for added efficiency without disruption.

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Combat Your Company’s Paper Risks

Our clients rely on Wave to replicate the validity and trust that original paper documentation can provide in an entirely digital format that removes the real world costs of transportation, downtime, fraud, and loss.

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Private & Accessible
Private & Accessible

Need to transfer confidential or sensitive documents? Sign up for the Wave network anonymously in under 5 minutes.

Simple & Secure
Simple & Secure

Endorse and send documents as easily as email. Add a recipient, an attachment, and click send to transfer possession.

Cost Effective & Efficient
Cost Effective & Efficient

Save over 90% of the costs associated with paper document processing such as couriering, counterfeiting, delays and more.

Industries Wave Serves

Wave is powerful enough to replace paper across industries like shipping, banking, and insurance among others.

Maritime Shipping
Financial Services
Regulatory Compliance
Importers & Exporters
Importers &
Logistics Providers
General Uses
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Eyal Ben Amram

Wave aligns perfectly with our innovation initiatives thanks to its novel design and deployment. Since completing the integration of Wave with our legacy systems, we’ve diminished document transfer times from days to seconds and rapidly reducing our antiquated paper costs. Moreover,we’ve passed along the benefits both internally in terms of decreased expenditures and externally to customers via better communication and accountability.

Kaiser Ingolf
Stephenson Harwood

The Wave Bylaws include a legal framework under which rights and obligations from the contract of carriage are transferred in much the same way as for a paper bill of lading – by transferring possession, and where necessary endorsement, of the bill of lading. These concepts will be familiar from paper documents, and the Bylaws have been designed to allow the innovative new technology of Wave to work seamlessly with established legal principles.

REGULATORY COMPLIANCE - ADV. Ingolf Kaiser, Partner at Stephenson Harwood

Satisfying our customers’ priorities is the cornerstone of our business model, making Wave an exceptional fit. Given our efforts to deliver the best possible service at affordable rates, the implementation of Wave within our workflows helps us meet customers’ expectations. As an indispensable part of our ongoing digitization and innovation initiatives, Wave affords us the security, protections, and authentication needed to provide even faster, more accurate, and holistic service offerings that are validated by very satisfied customers.

LOGISTICS PROVIDERS - Mr. Ofir Bronhaim Innovation Manager // Supply-chain Innovation specialist at DSV