Structured Bank Presentation with WaveBL

Go paperless and streamline your bank presentations for Letter of Credit (LC) and Collection transactions with WaveBL

Exporters and importers can simply upload their documents, and WaveBL will handle the electronic presentation with our structured envelope, ensuring a seamless process from beneficiary to applicant

Core Features

Go Digital with eBL

  • Gain access to the fastest-growing proven Electronic Bill of Lading (eBL) platform

  • Receive possession of the eBL alongside all other documentary requirements in a structured authenticable bank presentation envelope

Structured Bank Presentation

  • Slash the physical document handling for LoC and Collection services

  • Easily integrated into trade finance banking software

Exportable Proof of Presentation

  • Enjoy an automatic document list for cover letters

  • Receive certified proof of presentation for transparency and accountability

  • Create exportable, verifiable proof of presentation for external use

Join the Digital Revolution with WaveBL

Go Paperless

Eliminate physical document presentation

Cost Reduction

Decrease demurrage, detention, and paperwork costs

Increased Efficiency

Streamline workflow Optimize communication

Enhanced Security

Minimize the risk of errors, forgery, and loss

Experience the simplest way to exchange electronic trade documents between banks and their customers with WaveBL!

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