Legal recognition of electronic trade documents by the Law Commission of England and Wales

Legal recognition of electronic trade documents by the Law
“The Law Commission has published a report with draft legislation which would implement its recommendations to allow for the legal recognition of trade documents such as Bills of Lading and bills of exchange in electronic form.” 

WAVE BL is delighted to be acknowledged as one of only fourteen (14) business and financial institutions that took part in this ongoing process.  We thank the Legal Commission of England and Wales, for letting the industry be part of this continuous effort.

WAVE BL is honored to be quoted twenty two (22) times in the report.  We feel this is a huge milestone for us and appreciate the opportunity to share the vast knowledge and understanding we have gained, as part of our offering of the WAVE BL product which is based on both cutting edge technology and a robust legal framework.

We are looking forward to the coming changes in the regulatory environment that will directly affect the international trade domain in the very near future.  We will continue to support regulators and other institutes across the world in their quest to transform the law so that it would enable the digitization of trade documents.

Special thanks to Boaz Lessem, General Counsel, who has led this effort on behalf of WAVE BL.

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