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Interact with Carriers and Customers on a Single Platform

Supply chain process with a bill of lading

Effortlessly Move Documents Throughout the Supply Chain

Logistics providers such as freight forwarders, NVOCCs, land transport companies and customs brokers can exert greater control over original documents by guaranteeing authenticity throughout end-to-end supply chain activities, from initial issuance all the way to surrender of Bills of Lading.

With WAVE BL, logistics providers can both receive Master Bills of Lading from carriers and issue House Bills of Lading to their customers electronically on a single platform.

Unified, Cost Effective and Secure

  • Unified Communications – Providers deal with many different parties, each of which may require them to use different communication protocols and methods. WAVE BL’s network allows companies to communicate with the foremost service providers in the trade industry on a single, unified platform, and is rapidly growing by the day.

  • Eliminated Paper Costs – Paper is a burdensome expense: couriering documents between parties adds to the cost of each and every shipment. WAVE BL allows companies to minimize that overhead and increase cost-efficiency.

  • Minimized Exposure to Risk – Paper documentation involves a high risk of theft, loss and fraud. This also increases insurance costs for logistics providers, shrinking margins and affecting customers. WAVE BL’s secure, reliable document transfer and instant authentication capabilities minimize risks and associated costs.

Seamless and Efficient Document Transfer

WAVE BL automates and digitizes the process of issuing, signing, receiving and authenticating documents. Our platform eliminates the pain points of using paper while fitting seamlessly into existing workflows.

Painless Regulatory Compliance

Seamlessly handle each document based on existing commercial, legal and regulatory requirements.

Fast, Streamlined Communication

Communicate easily with every member of the trade industry: service providers, insurance companies, lawyers, certificate producers and more. Transfer digital documents instantly from and to any location in the world.

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Eyal Ben Amram

WAVE BL aligns perfectly with our innovation initiatives thanks to its novel design and deployment. Since completing the integration of WAVE BL with our legacy systems, we’ve diminished document transfer times from days to seconds and rapidly reducing our antiquated paper costs. Moreover, we’ve passed along the benefits both internally in terms of decreased expenditures and externally to customers via better communication and accountability.

Mr. Eyal Ben Amram, CIO, ZIM Line

Satisfying our customers’ priorities is the cornerstone of our business model, making WAVE BL an exceptional fit. Given our efforts to deliver the best possible service at affordable rates, the implementation of WAVE BL within our workflows helps us meet customers’ expectations. As an indispensable part of our ongoing digitization and innovation initiatives, WAVE BL affords us the security, protection, and authentication needed to provide even faster, more accurate, and holistic service offerings that are validated by very satisfied customers.

Mr. Ofir Bronhaim Innovation Manager at DSV
RS Logisitc

Since working with WAVE BL, RS Logistics has completely eradicated the issue of loss of valuable documents and threats of forgery. Before WAVE BL, we worked with multiple carriers on multiple platforms when receiving the MBL, which cost us a lot of time to standardize. Today we have one system in place for all of our documents exchange processes with WAVE BL, which has increased efficiency and workflow effectiveness by 70%.

Tom Deng, Manager of Operation & Compliance Department at RS Logistics Ltd.
Isaac Cheung's photo

After experiencing time and again the pains of original Bill of Lading losses, we were looking for a solution to strengthen and improve our operations to overcome this major pain point. Not only did WAVE BL surpass our expectations with a seamless and safe method demonstrating no risk of loss and forgery, the digitization of operational processes reduced all our courier costs and manual labor. The process of changing from a manual workflow to an automated streamline was easier than expected.

Isaac Cheung, Vice General Manager, OIT

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