Logistics Providers

Effortlessly Move Documents Throughout the Supply Chain

Logistics providers can exert greater control over original documents by guaranteeing authenticity throughout end-to-end supply chain activities including initial issuance all the way to surrender of bills of lading.

Logistics Providers’ Pains – Communication Fragmentation

  1. Scattered Communication – Providers deal with many disparate parties, different communication protocols, and different demands, increasing the difficulty of delivering timely communication.
  2. Associated Paper Expenses – Paper is a burdensome expense, especially in terms of transferring documents between parties, adding to the cost of each and every shipment.
  3. Paper-Based Risk Exposure – Apart from exposure to theft, loss, and fraud, paper increases insurance costs for logistics providers which shrinks margins and impacts customers.
Logistics Providers

The WAVE Advantage – Pinpoint Digital Document Accuracy & Transfer

One system can handle all existing document types mirrored in a completely reliable, dependable, and compliant digital format, creating savings at every step.

  1. Prevent Paper-Based Risks
    Issue authentic digital originals that are completely verifiable at ports of destination to avoid costly delays and risks of release without proper documents.
  2. Better Business Without Disruption
    Overcome common paper-based pain points by mirroring in an entirely digital format and improving communication without disrupting existing processes.
  3. Efficient & Affordable
    Instantly issue and transfer documents globally more affordably than the alternatives
Logistics Providers