Wave BL for

Wave BL for

Make your trade processes paperless, faster, cost-effective, and secure!

Redefine efficiency, precision, and sustainability in global trade. As cargo owners, your needs are crystal clear:


Sending your shipments swiftly


Managing expenses effectively


Ensuring a smooth journey without any surprises

What's in it for YOU?

Unified Document Hub

Access all your trade documents seamlessly on a single platform.WaveBL provides a unified hub for efficient and organized management

Accelerated Delivery Timelines

With document transfers taking only minutes, you slash delivery time for each transfer

Unmatched Document Security

WaveBL's eBLs are impossible to forge, damage, or lose. Ensure the utmost security and integrity of your trade documents throughout the supply chain

Dispute Resolution Simplicity

Say goodbye to debates in disputes related to ownership, damage, and insurance claims. WaveBL provides clarity and transparency, eliminating uncertainties in your cargo transactions

Streamlined Letters of Credit

WaveBL accelerates the issuing of letters of credit. Experience a faster, more efficient process for securing letters of credit


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