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The Electronic Trade Document Management Solution 

Extending the Proven eBL blockchain network to encompass all trade documents, revolutionizing document management with a unified hub

Core Features

Empower your business with Wave Pouch

Electronic Trade Document Management Hub
Unified Hub
  • Real-time access to all trade documents in one unified interface
  • Seamlessly integrates documents from various sources, including emails
  • Enhanced efficiency through integration with other business systems
Version Control
  • Traceability of changes with a clear modification timeline
  • Automated notifications for version updates to relevant stakeholders
  • Streamlined collaboration with version-specific commenting and feedback
electronic trade document management shipment log
Automated Compliance Verification
  • Intelligent identification and flagging of missing documents
  • Dynamic correction feature for real-time compliance adjustments
  • Tailored compliance checks and generation based on shipment specifics
Blockchain Authenticity Assurance
  • Immutable blockchain signatures for document authenticity
  • Tamper-proof security measures with advanced cryptography
  • Blockchain-based time stamping for irrefutable proof of document history
electronic trade document management - assurance
electronic trade document management system
Proactive Error Detection
  • Real-time error prevention using advanced algorithms
  • Automated validation checks for critical data fields
  • Collaborative error resolution through integrated messaging
Business Intelligence Analysis
  • Advanced analytics tools for comprehensive business insights
  • Data visualization for easy interpretation and decision-making
  • Customizable reports to track key performance indicators
electronic trade document management & analysis

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Can I work with all my trade parties on WaveBL?

Yes, you can. Ocean carriers, beneficial cargo owners, freight forwarders, NVOCCs, banking institutions, agents, business units, etc. all use the WaveBL platform.

How does WaveBL revolutionize the global trade industry?

WaveBL provides a trusted multi-carrier platform that fosters trust and collaboration. All issued and transferred eBLs on the WaveBL platform are verified and authenticated, enhancing transparency and efficiency in global trade.

What support does WaveBL provide?

WaveBL provides 24/7 global support as well as onboarding assistance in English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Hindi, German, Korean, and Hebrew. WaveBL assists through the entire Wave eBL experience, from onboarding to usage. You can reach out to support@wavebl.com for any assistance.

What are the main benefits of using WaveBL?

WaveBL is the largest eBL issuer working with all the trade parties in over 100 countries in any scale. By using WaveBL, you can experience faster and safer global trade, eliminate the need to wait for paper documentation, reduce costs, errors, and disputes, and contribute to sustainability by reducing paper usage and carbon emissions.

Is it necessary to expand my network on WaveBL?

Yes, by connecting with a broader range of trade parties, you can access more business opportunities, enhance collaboration, and streamline your trade processes. Expanding your network allows for greater flexibility, improved access to trade partners, and potential growth opportunities.

Is WaveBL a trusted solution?

WaveBL guarantees trust through its patented blockchain-based technology. With over 100 countries and the support of major shipping lines such as MSC, ZIM, ONE, and Hapag Lloyd, WaveBL is a proven and trusted solution that eliminates the risks of forgery, loss, or theft.

Are electronic signatures incorporated in the system?

Yes, they are. When they first activate the WaveBL application, users generate their own electronic signatures. These are used to sign, endorse, add signed comments to, and surrender electronic documents.

Does WaveBL support interoperability with other systems?

Yes, WaveBL collaborates with other eBL platforms to ensure interoperability. This means that WaveBL allows business partners to transfer eBLs between trade partners using different platforms, facilitating seamless communication and document exchange.

What is LightWave?

LightWave is our app to help you take the most common eBL actions in a fast and simple way. It allows for LightWave, the feature for streamlining your eBL actions, regardless if you are a shipper or consignee. With just a few clicks, you can open, send, amend, or surrender your eBL, eliminating the need to log in to the platform.

Can documents be amended on WaveBL?

Yes, they can be amended if necessary. WaveBL mirrors the business process that the industry is used to. Issuing, amending, transferring, and surrendering a document via the WaveBL network follow the traditional process of paper documents – but much faster, securely, and cost-effectively.

Does WaveBL support trade finance tools?

WaveBL enables the exchange of all documents for all purposes. Documentary credit, collections, and receivables are just a few examples of the trade finance tools supported by our network.

Standards & Compliance

ISO 27017 compliant - wavebl
ISO 27001 compliant - wavebl
united nations
DCSA and wavebl
ITFA and wavebl
ISO 27017 compliant - wavebl
ISO 27001 compliant - wavebl
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