With WaveBL Hecny Group enjoys a 33% efficiency increase Furthermore, a 1/3 reduction in overall paper documents management was recorded

Hecny Group is a leading ocean transportation intermediary, air freight consolidator, and CTPAT-certified customs broker with branches and warehouses worldwide. Hecny is a privately held, family-owned company that has been implementing and maintaining supply chain solutions for over 70 years.

Challenges Faced

As an innovator, Hecny already implemented TMS, which is used by its branches across the globe. As a leading NVOCC, the Company was facing several challenges. Hecny Group was looking for a solution to overcome the cumbersome paper-based B/L process and also for a way to launch its ESG initiative. Its B/L process had all the issues inherent to traditional paper-based documentation, such as:

  • Operational Issues. The paper-intensive nature of trade documentation resulted in the loss of Bills of Lading, which incurred costs.
  • Problems with cross-company monitoring of BLs operations. Monitoring and managing the paper-based BL process across multiple locations was a major challenge. The monitoring process consumed too much time and resources since it was not done centrally.
  • ESG Policies. Hecny Group wanted to reduce paper usage and promote sustainability to comply with its ESG policy.

How WaveBL Solved the Challenges

Since Hecny already had its TMS, it was looking for a secure eBL solution that would allow for seamless connectivity. The Group chose WaveBL's cutting-edge electronic Bills of Lading (eBL) platform for the following reasons.

  • Secure eBL solution. The WaveBL platform is built on blockchain technology, making it secure for issuing and handling eBLs along the supply chain. No more Bills of Lading are getting lost
  • Centralized Control. With WaveBL, Hecny can monitor and manage all operations in all its branches centrally cross-border
  • Increased Efficiency. Efficiency has increased at several levels.
     -With WaveBL eBLs, the number of human errors was reduced.
    – Employees save time since they receive BL notifications automatically via the TMS. This means that they don’t need to search for updates in their email inbox anymore.
    – Overall, efficiency is increased since the number of actions (steps) is reduced dramatically.
  • Integration with the Company’s TMS. WaveBL integrates seamlessly with Hecny Group’s existing TMS platform. Therefore, Hecny’s employees do not have to be trained in using an additional platform. 

Using WaveBL provided several benefits

Enhanced Efficiency. The transition to eBLs significantly improved operational efficiency by 33% since the number of steps (e.g., the physical handling of a B/L by an employee) was dramatically decreased.  


Time Savings. Compared to the time it takes for a paper-based BL from issue to surrender, an eBL only takes a fraction of that time. To illustrate, it took some eBLs only minutes to get from China to the US, which would take at least 5 days before. 


Sustainable Impact. With WaveBL’s eBLs, Hecny Group could also commit to sustainability. The reduced paper usage contributed to the Company’s eco-conscious business practices.



Dennis Law, Business Analyst, Hecny Group

“Using WaveBL, we had a remarkable 33% surge in efficiency! Every eBL notification is in our system, and everything is quick, clear, and easy. The secure, blockchain-based eBL solution allows us to avoid port penalties due to late cargo releases, which was a huge problem with paper-based Bills of Lading. Since WaveBL has excellent API connectivity, our employees and partners worldwide do not need to learn and handle an additional, separate platform.”


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