WaveBL stands out as a comprehensive solution for Master AND House Bills of Lading

Electronic Bills of Lading (eBLs) are crucial documents that facilitate the smooth movement of goods across international borders. However, not all eBLs are equal, and not all logistics service providers offer support for all types of eBLs.

That’s where WaveBL excels. We provide comprehensive support for all types of original eBLs, whether negotiable or not. This includes Master and House Bills of Lading (eMBL & eHBL).

The eBL and eMBL are issued by the carrier, while the eHBL is issued by a freight forwarder or non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC) to their shippers. These documents serve as receipts and agreements between the parties involved.

All the electronic BLs (eBLs) provided by the WaveBL platform are considered original BLs, i.e., meeting the requirements for ownership evidence and being essential for Letter of Credit (LC) transactions. That’s why the WaveBL eBLs are internationally approved by the International Group of P&I clubs.

By supporting all types of eBLs, we provide our customers with the flexibility they need to meet their specific business requirements.

Our platform enables users to easily create, manage, and transfer these documents while minimizing the risk of errors and delays. Customers can have peace of mind knowing that they comply with the latest regulations and that their goods are being transported with the appropriate documentation. Moreover, if needed, WaveBL provides the proper procedure to amend eBLs issued by the issuer.

Thanks to the capabilities of our platform, customers can conveniently handle all their eBL requirements in one place, saving time and reducing the likelihood of mistakes. We are dedicated to continuously delivering the most comprehensive solution to support all trade processes for our valued customers.


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