WAVE BL is Ruling the Digital Bill of Lading Blue Ocean!

digital bill of lading software - wavebl

The WAVE BL network provides a new level of security that nearly eliminates all risks of digitized document fraud. From a CISO’s point of view, this is the solution that the world has been waiting for, taking trade digitization a significant step forward.

A new market segment is known as a “Blue Ocean.” We, at WAVE BL, were the first to look at Bills of Lading and wonder why not much has changed since the 14th century! They are still paper-based and involve manual handling.

That’s why we launched our WAVE BL platform, based on blockchain technology, to make the whole process easy, fast, secure, and efficient (anywhere, any time). Entering this blue ocean has paid off big time – the demand for our WAVE BL platform is growing exponentially at 10% every month. By Q3 2022, more than 100,000 eBLs were processed via the WAVE BL platform, making us by far the largest presence in the eBL blue ocean.

Needless to say, we are proud that our platform has gained so much traction, with major carriers, including MSC, ZIM, ONE, and Hapaq Lloyd, using our platform for their bills of lading (and supporting documents) processes. And that’s not all – we continue to onboard new customers who understand the many benefits WAVE BL can offer them compared to sticking to the current paper-based, manual processes.

As the largest global provider in the eBL market sector, we are playing an important part in shaping the new eBL standard of DCSA, the Digital Container Shipping Association. DCSA aims to facilitate acceptance and 100% adoption of electronic bills of lading (eBLs) by 2030. We are the best partner to support this with our proven track record of 100K+ issued and processed electronic Bills of Lading.


In case you wonder why so many of our customers are happy with our platform for issuing and processing documents such as Bills of Lading:

Paperless business flows – makes business flows easy, fast, and simple.

Instant transfer – no need for physical handling of the document along the way.

Remote work – our web-based platform is always online and securely accessible at any time and from any location around the world.

Full integration – fully integrates with your CRM or other systems.

Easy to use – our platform is known for its streamlined implementation and onboarding.

On a closing note, these are exciting times for the maritime industry as a whole and for us in particular. We are confident that our streamlined, secure, and digital way of issuing and processing trade documents, such as Bills of Lading, will set a new international standard for trusted trade. (Stay tuned for our next blog post to learn more!)

Curious? Do you want to test it yourself? You can! Contact us for a free demo. In this 30-minute live demo, one of our agents will take you through the full process of using electronic bills of lading and other trade documents, from issuance to surrender. So why wait? Click here to request your demo now!