Unlocking Efficiency and Sustainability - Savino Del Bene's Success with WaveBL's Solution

Unlocking Efficiency and Sustainability - Savino Del Bene's Success with WaveBL's eBL Solution

In the competitive landscape of global logistics and freight forwarding, Savino Del Bene has carved a distinct niche. With a rich history and a commitment to excellence, the Company has consistently delivered top-tier solutions to its clients worldwide.

Challenges Faced

As the world evolved into a digital era, Savino Del Bene encountered challenges inherent to traditional paper-based documentation, such as:

  • Operational Hurdles. The paper-intensive nature of trade documentation resulted in operational inefficiencies. Delays, misplacements, and manual tracking were common pain points.
  • Tracking Complexities. Managing paper documents across diverse locations and large corporations was a major challenge. The need for physical tracking consumed valuable time and resources.
  • Environmental Concerns. The Company wanted to align its operations with eco-friendly practices, including reducing paper usage and contributing to sustainability.

How WaveBL Solved the Challenges

In pursuit of efficient and sustainable solutions, Savino Del Bene opted for WaveBL's cutting-edge electronic Bills of Lading (eBL) platform for the following reasons.

  • Digital Transformation. WaveBL’s eBL platform facilitated a seamless transition from paper-based BLs to digital documents. The move eliminated paper-related bottlenecks and ushered in a streamlined process.
  • Real-Time Tracking. With WaveBL, real-time access to digital documents became a reality. Tracking and retrieval became efficient, reducing errors and delays associated with manual document handling.
  • Cost-Efficiency. Savino Del Bene reaped cost benefits by eliminating printing, shipping, and physical document management costs. Quick eBL acceptance minimized demurrage and detention fees.

Savino Del Bene's collaboration with WaveBL produced substantial benefits

Enhanced Efficiency. The transition to eBLs significantly improved operational efficiency . It also enabled Savino Del Bene’s operators to focus more on core tasks than spending valuable time with physical documents.


Tangible Cost Savings. Apart from streamlined operations, the Company also realized significant cost savings by reducing expenses related to traditional paper-based processes.


Sustainable Impact. The transition to eBLs supported Savino Del Bene’s commitment to sustainability. The reduced paper usage contributed to the Company’s eco-conscious business practices.


Savino Del Bene’s partnership with WaveBL is a testament to adaptability and innovation in global logistics. Transitioning from paper-based documents to WaveBL’s eBL solution enabled unprecedented efficiency, cost savings, and sustainability gains.


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