Revolutionizing Global Trade with the Bitcoin codebase

In the rapidly evolving landscape of global trade, where traditional paper-based documentation is giving way to digital counterparts, a new era of efficiency and security is being ushered in. At the forefront of this transformation is WaveBL, a trailblazing innovator that is reshaping the way international trade is conducted using cutting-edge blockchain technology for trust and security.

We at, WaveBL realized from the beginning that the trust that international trade puts in bills of lading and related documents is based on the integrity of the documents along the way from issuer to recipient. For electronic trade documents to have at least this same level of trust, providers must offer a platform utilizing the latest and greatest technology. That’s why WaveBL is constantly innovating and adapting its offerings using the latest innovations.

When we started building our market-leading platform many moons ago, we turned to the best-of-breed blockchain technology to keep each and every transaction completely secure. We opted for the Litecoin codebase, since it provided at that time the best out-of-the-box solution with the quick block generation time. Since then, things have changed.

For us as an innovator, our success is built on our ability to quickly adapt to current trends and anticipate new ones to remain the market leader in the short and long run. Analyzing the latest trends in blockchain technologies is, of course, a crucial part of our success. That’s why WaveBL moved to the Bitcoin codebase for its underlying blockchain technology.

The Litecoin and Bitcoin codebases used to share the same underlying models, core functionalities, and structures. But since then, they have gone their separate ways. Currently, the Bitcoin codebase offers WaveBL what it needs for its blockchain-based platform. r By choosing a different blockchain codebase, WaveBL customized the Bitcoin blockchain codebase to improve the block generation time from 2.5 minutes to 30 seconds. This translates into faster issuance, possession transfer, and transaction times for quick, efficient, and seamless interactions. Needless to say, all existing documents generated with previous codebase technology remain secure.

A pearl of old wisdom says, “Embrace the future, but cherish the past”. That’s why our architecture seamlessly supports multiple blockchains to use the Bitcoin codebase for recent and future documents while maintaining the legacy of Litecoin-related documents. This prevents tumultuous migrations or annoying disruptions while ensuring continuity. This latest development underlines WaveBL’s commitment to pushing boundaries and adapting in real-time. But it is just a part of the bigger WaveBL picture.

“What makes us special, said Or Garbash, WaveBL CTIO, is our fervent dedication to the global trade industry, our entrepreneurial spirit that compels us to adapt to cutting-edge technology trends, and our relentless pursuit of becoming the market leader, dedicated to assisting our customers at every stage of their journey.”

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