Learn how WAVE BL helped Pegasus Maritime ‘do more with less’

Learn how WAVE BL helped Pegasus Maritime ‘do more with less’

Meet Pegasus Maritime

Pegasus Maritime strives to achieve higher standards in global logistics by providing customized solutions, yielding cost-effective, goal-oriented results, and meeting their customer’s expectations.

Founded in New York, in the year 2000, Pegasus Maritime, Inc. was originally established as a value added service offered by Pegasus Shipping, Inc. – a C-TPAT certified, licensed U.S. Customs House Brokerage whose primary objective was to provide “Door-to-Door” service. In the years since its establishment, Pegasus Maritime, Inc. has shown remarkable growth as a licensed NVOCC.

Pegasus Maritime, Inc. has now accomplished international presence and is identified as one of the leading Freight Forwarders/NVOCC in the industry.

Learn how WAVE BL helped Pegasus Maritime ‘do more with less’

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“The WAVE BL solution is fast, convenient, and the network provides more control over tracking electronic Bills of Lading. In this industry, communication is key!”

Thorsten Hoffmann
Pegasus Maritime


One of Pegasus’s strategic challenges was finding a solution that provided their team with a sense of autonomy over their trade documentation processes and an effortless method of communication with members of their supply chain. The difficulty they faced ranged from delivery delays, geopolitical challenges regarding international transit, and adequate communication from couriers to carriers.

Learn how WAVE BL helped Pegasus Maritime ‘do more with less’


Pegasus requested a solution that digitized as much of its processes as possible. WAVE BL offered to cut out the middlemen both internationally and locally by providing Pegasus with the ability to perform all operational tasks, traditionally under the restraints of the paper process, under one digitalized system. The service enables the Pegasus team to align and easily communicate with other members of the supply chain accurately and in real-time.


With WAVE BL digitizing trade documentation processes for Pegasus meant reducing transit time of original trade documents, removing the uncertainties of physical courier transport and overhead costs associated with shipment operations. This included reducing unnecessary redundancies, like duplicating data entries and increasing the accuracy of a shipment’s journey from courier to merchant. Every member of Pegasus’ supply chain was able to collaborate seamlessly on a singular platform that preserved the confidentiality of sensitive documents, like the bill of lading, while allowing shared insight into the process associated with any shipment in a real-time environment. This ultimately made for a higher quality of efficiency along with saving time due to clearer communication.

Learn how WAVE BL helped Pegasus Maritime ‘do more with less’


With the implementation of WAVE BL’s solution, Pegasus Maritime saw a significant improvement in their team’s operational efficiency, reduction in manual work due to the automation of the digitized processes, and the many benefits that came with it — including a reduction in courier cost, hours spent per shipment process and a decrease in Bills of Lading losses.


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