Learn how HLS reduced operational risk by shifting to digital

Meet HLS

HLS is one of the market-leading Freight Forwarders based in Hong Kong, with 38 offices globally. They ship over 500,000 TEUs to worldwide destinations per year.

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It is not difficult to sign up with WAVE BL. What is important is cooperation with the shipping lines in order to keep the momentum of electronic Bills of Lading moving forward.

Anthony Mok, Director,
Development, HLS


HLS’s objective was to have greater visibility and security of documents being transmitted upon issuance and better control over cargo releasing. They understood that digitalization was the natural evolution out of dependability on paper-based workflows and was looking for a solution that adapted a security measure that concealed confidential information on a secure network. The challenge was to save cost and manual effort when sending the original Bills of Lading and the cost of picking up and surrendering the Bills of Lading from and to the shipping lines.


The strategy WAVE BL used with HLS in order to save cost and effort of sending original Bills of Lading as well as the cost of picking up and surrendering the Bills of Lading to and from shipping lines was with the blockchain-backed technology built into the WAVE BL infrastructure which secured document transmissions seamlessly.


The effect of supplying HLS with a highly advanced security measure for digital document sharing resulted in a simplified process by which original Bills of Lading were sent to HLS and their supply chain members, which included shipping lines and consignees.


HLS experienced greater control of the cargo released and saved time in manual processing of transmitting original documents, electronically..


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