KPM's Win: Cutting Costs with WaveBL - Up to $50 Savings & 2.5 Hours Less Work per BL

KPM, a leading freight forwarder since 2010, ensures a unique experience for its customers, delivering the highest level of satisfaction. The company faced challenges in complex documentation management, including the risk of stolen bills of lading, communication gaps, cargo release delays, and operational inefficiencies. In response to these issues, they turned to WaveBL, a prominent electronic bill of lading (eBL) provider.

Challenges Faced

  • Risk of stolen or lost bills of lading. We face a high risk of lost or stolen bills of lading, leading to significant problems. Replacing them is time-consuming and costly, and past incidents demanded considerable time and effort for resolution.
  • Disconnected communication channels. Despite a reliable cargo management system, our documentation lacks a unified solution. Varied laws, processes, and regulations lead parties to prefer different systems for trade documentation control and monitoring.
  • Cargo release delays. It is common for documents to be delayed, resulting in significant delays in cargo release and high penalties.
  • Operational Issues. Managing documents is costly and time-consuming, requiring careful attention to detail.

How WaveBL Solved the Challenges

We chose WaveBL for its vast carrier and issuer network, allowing us to start working with eBLs immediately. KMP examined other eBL systems, but none had as many carriers. Its email-like interface made it easy for our team to adopt it quickly. WaveBL is exceptional due to:

  • Secure eBL solution. Thanks to WaveBL’s secure, blockchain-based system, the scenarios we experienced with stolen or lost bills of lading are no longer possible.
  • Unified documentation channel within a single system. We now have a single system to manage and monitor all cargo documents through one channel of communication.
  • Minimize risk of cargo penalties. We no longer have to wait for couriers. The eBL arrives in our inbox within a few minutes. The penalties associated with the release of cargo are no longer part of the process.
  • Cost savings. Using WaveBL’s system reduces the costs of the eBL process.

Using WaveBL provided several benefits

  • Cost saving. Switching to electronic bills of lading cuts down the cost by up to $50 per BL.
  • Time Savings. Using eBL saved 2.5 hours of work per BL.
  • Minimize risk of cargo penalties. Now, eBLs arrive 5 days before cargo, a significant improvement from the previous 3-day lag time.

Erik Santos, Operational Manager

"WaveBL's eBL solution delivered tangible results: up to $50 savings & 2.5 hours less work per BL, and eBLs arriving two days earlier, minimizing cargo penalties. Choosing WaveBL was a strategic move that revolutionized our operations and cut costs."

Lucas Reinert, Coordenador Operational

"WaveBL transformed our document management, eliminating the risk of stolen bills and streamlining communication. With unified channels, we've reduced cargo release delays and penalties, bringing significant cost savings to KPM."


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