How Swift Cargo optimized their supply chain with WAVE BL

Meet Swift Cargo

Swift Cargo is a leading freight forwarder in the Indian-US trade line, handling both single shipments and supply-chain management projects worldwide. Swift Cargo is committed to delivering comprehensive global transport solutions and customized logistics services.

Tip For Others

“Try one transaction. Once you have one transaction, automatically, you will know how convenient and easy it is to work with eBLs and the WAVE BL platform. I started with one transaction with WAVE BL and recognized the immediate benefits. It saved us a lot of time.”
Shylesh Ramanathan
Swift Cargo


Swift Cargo was entering a new digital reality brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. As India, along with the rest of the world, was subjected to mandatory lockdown protocols, there were complications with paper Bills of Lading workflows that caused severe disruptions to trade. Couriers were unable to transfer documents, causing costly delays. Swift Cargo changed its strategy and sought a reliable eBL technological solution that was straightforward and supported high traffic transactions


WAVE BL offered a two-step strategy to reach Swift Cargo’s goals.

1. Digitize all of Swift Cargo’s trade and finance documents in addition to the original Bills of Lading. As a freight forwarder, Swift Cargo required the management of two (2) types of Bills of Lading: Master Bill of Lading (MBL) and House Bill of Lading (HBL). Our service provided Swift Cargo the opportunity to receive Master Bills of Lading from their carriers and issue House Bills of Lading to customers via the WAVE BL platform.

2. Implement integration to eliminate the manual work involved in importing and exporting trade documents from the WAVE BL platform to Swift Cargo TMS and vice versa.


Swift Cargo chose WAVE BL for its commitment to resolving the trade disruption brought on by COVID-19 and the streamlining paper-workflows and investment in modern trade solutions. To accelerate Swift Cargo’s documentation processes, the company adopted WAVE BL technology to expedite Swift Cargo’s trade operations by digitizing key trade documents required for sustainable trade.


Today, there is nearly no scenario that can affect document workflows and disrupt business sustainability. An end-to-end digital transaction of Bills of Lading with WAVE BL, on average, took hours instead of days to weeks. There was a significant reduction in courier costs and manual work and absolutely no loss of original Bills of Lading.