Meet RS Logistics

RS Logistics is a fast-growing customer-oriented firm in the logistics industry. Founded in 2003, RS Logistics began in Hong Kong, their corporate headquarters, with a vision to provide worldwide logistics services to its clients. Today, RS Logistics serves various destinations and became one of the leading logistics providers from the major ports in PRC and South East Asia.

Tip For Others

Consider the benefits of working on a singular platform that provides secure visibility to all members of your supply chain. The results are felt both in the short-term and long-term.


“We have completely eradicated the issue of loss of valuable documents and threats of forgery. Before WAVE BL, we worked with multiple carriers on multiple platforms when receiving the Master Bill of Lading, which cost us a lot of time to standardize. Utilizing the WAVE BL network has increased our efficiency and workflow effectiveness by 70%.

“We were looking for something that was safer than sending an original bill of lading the old-fashioned way.”