Meet Interglobo

Interglobo is an established Italian, family-owned, international freight and logistics company. The company has developed a global network of offices that operate on five continents. It serves a variety of Focus Markets and has grown with its customers, developing expertise in highly tailored services offerings.

Tip For Others

It is essential that WAVE BL is the platform used by several shipping lines to handle eBL.

Being the standard in the industry helps reduce frictions during the onboarding process, and it is easier to start using the eBL with more partners.

“Having the possibility to access a digital Master BL allowed us to maintain the security of an original BL combined with the flexibility of a digital version of such documents.”

“These features contribute to making WAVE BL intuitive and user-friendly, with a steep learning curve that allows seeing the benefits of the eBL in a short time.”