MPA 2nd Maritime Trade Digitalisation Electronic Bills of Lading (eBL)

Maritime trade digitalization with EBL software - WaveBL

Maritime trade is undergoing a phase of unprecedented digital transformation. The COVID-19 pandemic, together with global supply chain disruption, has accelerated demand for digital transactions. To facilitate this, Singapore is one of the first countries to amend its legislation on 19 March 2021 and enact a legislative framework for electronic transferable documents.

The MPA Academy organized the second installment of their eBL webinar, which seeks to raise awareness of Singapore’s legislative development to facilitate the use of eBLs and share the benefits of using eBLs in cross-border trade.

Inside this webinar:

  • 1. Benefits to the electronic Bill of Lading and Trade Digitalisation best practices
  • 2. Live demonstration of the WAVE BL platform