How WAVE BL reduced operational costs and streamlined trade workflows for All-Ways Forwarding

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All-ways is a freight forwarding company that specializes in devising smarter, more creative routing options while drawing on the strength of origin relationships and resourcefulness to secure coveted space on about-to-sail vessels.

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“Look up WAVE BL. Not only is the technology unmatched, working with members of the WAVE BL team is a delight.”
Sol Green
Forwarding Supervisor,


All-ways wanted to reduce the time it took to exchange and transfer the Original Bill of Lading. The paper-based model had caused document delays that resulted in high compliance costs. From courier costs to the many fees along the way before surrendering the Original Bill of Lading, the process became too time-consuming in an environment that requires a fast-paced turnaround. The bottom line for All-ways was to adopt a modern solution to curb expenses and cut time.


WAVE BL offered All-ways a state-of-the-art technological solution that combated the freight forwarder’s desire to speed up the time it took to exchange and transfer Bills of Lading. We offered them the ability to transfer documents instantly and the opportunity to trade with multiple carriers, simultaneously. With WAVE BL’s digital signatures, members of the All-ways network could sign documents and verify their authenticity electronically, effortlessly, securely, and immediately.


WAVE BL saved the company a significant amount of overhead cost – from carrier costs to paying fees for delayed shipments, WAVE BL offered All-ways the ability to transfer documents overnight, saving them the headache of managing the transfer of eBL the following day.

All-ways adopted the WAVE BL solution for digitizing their workflows. The onboarding took very little time and the technology behind the platform enabled instant, authenticated transfer of original electronic documents.


Since onboarding with WAVE BL, All-ways notices a significant improvement in the Freight Forwarder’s operational efficiency, a greater reduction in manual work, and a total change in courier costs.