How Interglobo overcame dependency on paper-based transactions and emerged into the digital age

paperless trade transactions

Meet Interglobo

Interglobo is an established Italian, family-owned, international freight and logistics company. The company has developed a global network of offices that operate on five continents. It serves a variety of Focus Markets and has grown with its customers, developing expertise in highly tailored services offerings.

paperless trade transactions

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It is essential that WAVE BL is the platform used by several shipping lines to handle eBL.
Being the standard in the industry helps reduce frictions during the onboarding process, and it is easier to start using the eBL with more partners.

Dario Nodusso, VP,
South East Asia,


In response to the outbreak of COVID-19, many companies worldwide adopted “work from home” policies which posed a significant challenge for Interglobo’s ability to handle and exchange original documents like the Master Bill of Lading. Before the pandemic, Interglobo was reliant on conducting business transactions through physical deliveries of trade documents from the shipping line office and procuring international couriers to send these valuable documents overseas. This led to a second-tier challenge: the reliance on international couriers, which, due to worldwide circumstances, caused critical delays and sometimes loss of original documents.

These challenges affected Interglobo’s supply chain partners with a higher degree of uncertainty, both in terms of time and costs attributed to handling the exchange of original documents that directly affected the release of cargo. The extra effort and resources to monitor all the stages of exchanging physical documents became inefficient and no longer a secure method in the new working environment.

paperless trade transactions


Interglobo was acutely aware of the growing importance of digitalization trends to meet growing expectations from their business partners. They recognized an increasing demand for visibility and real-time updates within their supply chain ecosystem. Sharing accurate information in real time was critical and an essential requirement to remain competitive in the market. Interglobo understood that the main benefits of digitalization were an increase in speed and a reduction in costs. The electronic Bills of Lading emerged as a seamless function and a highly in-demand tool for achieving efficient international trade.


The eBL solution has helped with increasing Interglobo’s productivity. It replicates in digital the exact process that Interglobo has been following for years with traditional paper BL. In addition, the electronic Bill of Lading operates as a “mailbox”, an extremely familiar tool that simplifies the process of conducting digital trade transactions.

How Interglobo overcame dependency on paper-based transactions and emerged into the digital age


Interglobo has experienced positive outcomes in terms of cost reductions and time due to the streamlined process of transferring original trade documents in a digital environment.


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