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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WAVE BL’s new pricing model?2022-11-02T11:45:06+00:00

Each eBL is paid for only once by a single party after issuance, regardless of how many times it is transferred (see Who pays for each eBL?). The entire lifecycle of an eBL–transfer, amendment, endorsement and surrender–is called a transaction.

We offer two plans for eBL transactions (for non-issuers).

Pay as you go 

This option is best suited to users responsible for small or unpredictable numbers of eBL transactions. Customers are charged per eBL transaction and billed on a monthly basis at the end of each month. A pay as you go plan covers one year of usage.


Customers may purchase packages of 100 or more eBLs. This option is best suited to users expecting to cover at least 100 transactions per year and offers a lower price per transaction than the pay as you go price. If a customer runs out of eBLs on their package, they may purchase supplementary packages for the remainder of their contract term. This option is billed in advance and covers one year of usage.

Who pays for each eBL?2022-11-02T11:48:53+00:00

Only one party pays for an entire eBL transaction after issuance. The paying party should be according to your agreement between you and your trade partners.

 If you are the paying party, then you will pay the eBL costs. All other trade partners will be able to send those eBLs that they receive from the paying party, for free.


  1. A booking agent (i.e., a third party) makes a booking on behalf of a shipper in a deal that also includes a carrier, a consignee and additional third parties. All parties have agreed in advance that the booking agent will be responsible for eBL costs in this specific deal. In this scenario, the carrier issues the eBL, paying for its issuance. All other eBL transactions – transfer, amendment, endorsement and surrender – are paid for by the booking agent, as agreed.
  2. In a deal between a carrier and two NVOCCs, NVOCC₁ is a shipper and NVOCC₂ is a consignee. The carrier pays to issue the Master eBL, and all parties have agreed that NVOCC₁ will be responsible for eBL costs after issuance. As a result, NVOCC₂ can perform any operations – transfer, amendment, endorsement and surrender – on the Master eBL with no further payment. NVOCC₂ then issues its House Bill of Lading to its customers ‒ a shipper and a consignee. This is a new eBL, so NVOCC₂ pays for its issuance and all three parties – NVOCC₂ and its two customers – must reach an agreement regarding which one of them will pay for all further transactions on the House eBL.
Which shipping lines issue WAVE BL eBLs?2022-09-22T13:00:49+00:00

The shipping lines that offer our eBL service are MSC, ZIM, Hapag-Lloyd and ONE. 

How does the new pricing model align with my Incoterms agreement?2022-10-20T12:01:23+00:00

Your Incoterms agreement defines which party pays for the entire eBL transaction. If you are not the party paying for the transaction, any transfer you participate in will be free of charge.

Should all members of the trade transaction have a WAVE BL account?2022-07-05T12:34:55+00:00

Yes, to transact an eBL from one party to the other, all members of the trade transaction must have a WAVE BL account.

What defines an eBL transaction?2022-10-20T09:15:52+00:00

The entire lifecycle of an eBL–transfer, amendment, endorsement and surrender–is called a transaction.

Is there a free trial option?2022-09-13T09:33:51+00:00

Yes, if it’s the first time you open an account, there is a 2-month free trial period once you transact your first eBL to its next destination. During the trial period, all platform features are available for use free of charge.

What will happen to my account after the free trial period is over?2022-07-05T14:13:40+00:00

The new model allows any party to use the WAVE BL platform and reap the benefits of instant paperless trade; only a single party (defined by your incoterms agreement) covers the cost of the transaction. In other words, the transaction is entirely free for all but one party. 

The paying party has to purchase one of our two plans for eBL transactions, pay as you go or package plan.

The non-paying party can continue to enjoy our services free of charge.

Is there anything I cannot do during the trial period?2022-07-05T14:23:35+00:00

During the trial period, all platform features are available for use. Users can issue, transfer, amend and surrender eBLs. Account administrators can also add more users and open more business units. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team for a personal consultation on how to create the best organizational hierarchy for your company.

Do WAVE BL’s eBL charges replace the shipping line’s fees?2022-07-05T12:41:17+00:00

No, WAVE BL is a third-party service company and is not included in shipping line fees.

Can I move from one plan to the other according to my documents traffic?2022-07-05T12:28:59+00:00

Yes, you can move from one plan to the other at any time.

How can I upgrade to the new payment model (see first question) if I have a subscription purchased before May 1, 2022?2022-09-22T12:51:11+00:00

If you’d like to upgrade your old subscription to the best offering

As a shipper, I plan to buy a WAVE BL subscription. Do my consignees also need to purchase a subscription in order to use eBLs?2022-09-22T12:58:30+00:00

Your consignees can use WAVE BL without any subscription as long as you or another party is covering the eBL costs for a given transaction (see full explanation here). A consignee needs to purchase a subscription or pay-as-you-go option only if it is planning to cover eBL costs itself.

Can I receive carrier shipping instructions or delivery orders via the WAVE BL platform?2022-09-22T12:59:33+00:00

No. At this moment WAVE BL supports the transfer of Bills of Lading, but does not currently support carrier-specific documents such as shipping instructions and delivery orders.

How can I see how many eBLs I have remaining?2022-09-28T07:16:06+00:00

You can always stay up-to-date and monitor your eBL usage on the dashboard at the top of your inbox, which displays the number of eBLs used and the number remaining. In the image below, 1 eBL has been used, with 100 eBLs remaining.

How do I know when my subscription ends?2022-09-28T07:07:50+00:00

If you have a subscription plan, you can easily find your plan’s end date on the dashboard at the top of your inbox. In the image below, the subscription’s end date is Sep 21, 2023.


Can I send an eBL to my bank if I use a letter of credit (LC), cash against documents or collection?2022-09-29T12:42:48+00:00

Yes. You can send your eBL via our platform as long as your bank receives electronic documents. If you use a Letter of Credit, ensure the LC application contains a request to use an electronic Bill of Lading. Your bank doesn’t use eBLs yet? Contact our sales team at

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?2022-07-05T12:51:05+00:00

Please refer to our Terms of Use to learn about our subscription cancelation policy. For further inquiries, please contact

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