Maximize VAT Refunds with an AI-Powered Solution

Save up to 25% on your company’s international foreign vendor invoices and travel spend.

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The Foreign VAT refund opportunity

VAT-registered businesses can recover VAT charged on foreign supplier invoices. Regions such as Europe, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East refund indirect tax to businesses. If your business engages in any of the below, this is the solution for you.
Accounts Payable
  • Supplier invoices
  • Business-related goods
  • Conferences, tradeshows & seminars Imports
  • Inter-company charges
  • Professional fees
  • Supply & install
  • Tooling & moulds
Employee Travel & Entertainment (T&E)
  • Hotels & accommodation
  • Restaurants
  • Entertainment
  • Taxis & car rental
  • Fuel & public transport
  • Remote work office expenses