Regulatory Compliance

Remove Regulatory Bottlenecks

Thanks to WAVE, easily ensure that regulators can quickly compare document signatures and expedite document handling by unifying all critical documentation within a single system.

Regulatory Compliances’ Biggest Pain – Communication Breakdown

  1. Lack of Homogenous Regulations – Each port, whether origin and destination, features different customs requirements that add unnecessary time to processes.
  2. Slow Manual Authentication Practices – Critical documents must still be manually reviewed by regulators and compliance authorities, reducing delivery speeds.
  3. Arduous Discrepancy Management – Costly disputes arising between parties or discrepancies on documents can slow the process for releasing cargo.
Regulatory Compliance

The WAVE Advantage – Upgrading Communication for the Digital Era

End reliance on outdated practices for manually processing documents, verifying signatures, and handling disputes arising from discrepancies.

  1. Open Opportunities in New Markets
    Eliminating disputes and discrepancies will help shorten shipments and open up new possibilities in airfreight and other methods.
  2. Centralize Trade Document Processing
    Centralizing document presentation and signature verification activities will transform existing manual practices to expedite turnaround times.
  3. Improve Customer Satisfaction
    Reduce complicated verifications, save document processing and transfer costs, and harness more competitive trade finance tools
Regulatory Compliance