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Great Importer & Exporter Documentation Dependability

Importers and exporters gain an advantage with Wave by assuring original documentation is dependably on hand, when it needs to be. Maintain firmer control over document chain of custody while simultaneously reducing costs.

Importer & Exporters’ Biggest Pain – Handling & Mishandling

  1. Paper Expenditures – Paper, printers, ink, couriers, storage and more add directly to the cost of each and every cargo.
  2. Risks of Loss & Fraud – Paper’s journey from origin to destination is fraught with risks that can send expenses spiraling.
  3. Late Arrival – Mishandling or missing paperwork at critical moments could mean extra assessments and costly delays at ports.
Importers Exporters

The Wave Advantage – Seamless Document Transfer With Greater Accountability

Eliminate all paper’s legacy costs by issuing entirely unique documents that are instantly transferrable and assured to reach their destination.

  1. Save and Automate Simultaneously
    Wave can save over 90% of document processing costs while automating and digitizing manual activities
  2. Transfer Binding Documents Instantly
    Seamlessly handle each document based on existing commercial, legal and regulatory requirements without changing workflows.
  3. Streamline Processing & Handling
    Transfer documents directly from your desktop without integration or registration required
Importers Exporters