General Uses

Stay Purpose-Driven Without The Paper

With WAVE’s network, innovate without disruption by migrating all paper-based documentation to a completely reliable and compliant digital format designed to reduce costs, speed communication, and provide better protections.

General Paper Pains – Too Many Failure Points

  1. Paper is Susceptible – Paper runs the risk of damage, loss, theft, fraud, counterfeiting and more which adds to underlying cost of doing business if anything goes wrong.
  2. Paper is Expensive – Between buying paper, printing, transferring, and storage, the costs of using physical paper are immense relative to digital alternatives.
  3. Paper is Slow – Moving paper between two points is painfully slow and involves mail, postage, couriers, and more, each of which raise paper’s already immense costs
General Uses

The WAVE Advantage – Digital Certainty Meets the Physical World

Mirror all of paper’s protections in an entirely digital format that is private, secure, and instantly transferrable while ditching physical paper’s costly attributes.

  1. Direct Document Transportation
    With a decentralized peer-to-peer network connecting all parties, transfer documents immediately at minimal cost between parties.
  2. Support for All Documents
    No matter the industry or demands, WAVE can support all document types that match stringent regulatory restrictions and legal definitions for added assurances.
  3. Anonymity With No Single Point of Failure
    Advanced technological consensus ends paper’s points of failure with an anonymous and private network ensuring trustless transfers between parties
General Uses