Financial Services

Powering Faster Finance

Banks and financial services providers can appreciate the ability to rapidly issue and transfer documents between banks with WAVE while expediting verification and improving the customer experience.

Finance’s Biggest Pain – Document Transfer and Authentication

  1. Inefficient Document Handover – Whether bank-to-bank or bank-to-customer transfers, sluggish handover times and couriers heighten costs of doing business.
  2. Sluggish Authentication – Verifying a document, signatures, and its issuer is a time-consuming and resource-draining manual process that could be automated.
  3. Decreasing LoC Use – Cost considerations and physical delivery methods of documents is diminishing the role for trade finance.

The WAVE Advantage – Rapid Communication & Accurate Authentication

Avoid resource waste from physical document transfers and laborious manual authentication processes with immediate transfers and built-in verification tools.

  1. Accelerate Internal Processes
    Expedite document authentication practices and eliminate manual processes without changing workflows or disrupting business.
  2. Activate Faster Communication
    Instantly improve service efficiency and customer satisfaction by transmitting documents in real-time instead of encountering physical delivery holdups.
  3. Add Layers of Protection
    Transfer financial documents securely with advanced signature verification mechanisms and extra privacy thanks to the inability to mine network data.