Customs Authorities and Certificate Issuers

Expedited Document Verification

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A Quick, Automatic Verification Workflow

WAVE BL allows regulators to quickly compare verified document signatures and expedite document handling by unifying all critical documentation within a single system.

Eliminate Communication Breakdowns in Regulatory Compliance

Upgrading Communication for the Digital Era

WAVE BL offers a significant upgrade from outdated practices for document processing, transfer and verification.

one communication channel

Permanent Communication Channel

WAVE BL creates a permanent communication channel between customs authorities, traders and banks.

Fraud Elimination

Every document exchanged via WAVE BL’s platform is automatically encrypted, verified and authenticated, and can never be altered, lost or damaged in transit.

One Stop for Trade Document Processing

Centralizing document transmission and signature verification activities transforms existing manual practices, expedites turnaround times and reduces manpower needs.

Improved Satisfaction

WAVE BL’s digital workflows smooth complicated verifications, save document processing and transfer costs, and provide a more streamlined process for importers and exporters.

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Eyal Ben Amram

WAVE BL aligns perfectly with our innovation initiatives thanks to its novel design and deployment. Since completing the integration of WAVE BL with our legacy systems, we’ve diminished document transfer times from days to seconds and rapidly reducing our antiquated paper costs. Moreover, we’ve passed along the benefits both internally in terms of decreased expenditures and externally to customers via better communication and accountability.

Mr. Eyal Ben Amram, CIO, ZIM Line

MSC has been working with WAVE BL on introducing and piloting an eBL solution since 2019, first with selected customers in India. We’ve chosen WAVE BL because it provides a digital alternative to all the possibilities available with traditional print documents, just much faster and more secure. Amid COVID-19, the eBL addresses a very urgent need and helps us streamline affected operations and ensure business continuity. We’re now offering WAVE BL’s service to a broader customer base to ensure that even more of our customers gain the advantages of a digital BL solution.

Andre Simha, Global Chief Digital & Information Officer at MSC

Satisfying our customers’ priorities is the cornerstone of our business model, making WAVE BL an exceptional fit. Given our efforts to deliver the best possible service at affordable rates, the implementation of WAVE BL within our workflows helps us meet customers’ expectations. As an indispensable part of our ongoing digitization and innovation initiatives, WAVE BL affords us the security, protection, and authentication needed to provide even faster, more accurate, and holistic service offerings that are validated by very satisfied customers.

Mr. Ofir Bronhaim Innovation Manager at DSV

Digitization of trade finance is inseparable from trade processes and cannot be intact without a suitable electronic solution for all trade documents. WAVE BL provides an easy-to-use innovative decentralized platform. At Contour, we believe that digitization is vital to modern trade and that WAVE BL’s technology allows ​our banking and corporate customers to have another option to simplify processes and deliver the best possible customer experience. WAVE BL has an exceptionally vast network that enables direct excess to the largest trade industry’s largest service providers, such as carriers and logistics companies.

Carl Wegner, Chief Executive Officer at Contour

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