Our Mission

WAVE’s mission is to deliver a superior alternative to paper in terms of possession, title, efficiency, risk, and other notions that make it ideal for conducting business in good faith with fewer middlemen. We guarantee to provide this digital documentation protocol objectively, with zero custody nor broadcasting of user data, total user privacy, and airtight authentication for documents sent via the WAVE network.

WAVE’s Vision For Documents

We envision a unified global network of B2B documentation exchange, one in which paper has been entirely replaced as a cornerstone of accountable business by our digital network and protocols. We also believe that the only way this new standard can emerge is if it is provided impartially and securely to all users, complete with stringent privacy and anonymity protections in place to advance efficient global communication.

Wave it Forward
About Values

Our Values

  • Integrity
    Strong principles underline the capabilities of WAVE, and through our bylaws and technology stack, users have proof that we’re committed to impartiality.
  • Simplicity
    We strive to show off a revolutionary communication solution while keeping its functionality simple and familiar, just like an email inbox.
  • Non-Disruptive
    WAVE is designed to integrate with the software your business already relies on, including popular ERP, CMS, and TMS platforms.
  • Customer First
    WAVE fits your business model as naturally as paper, and our team won’t rest until your transition to its superior digital alternative is complete.



Gadi Ruschin

Chief Executive Officer


Or Garbash

Chief Technology Officer


Yair Sappir

Chief Information Officer

The Team


Gitai Zakh

Vice President of Operations


Jeanne Flavian

Chief Sales & Strategy Officer


Boaz Lessem

Head of Legal


Alexander Pinchuk

Front-End Team Leader


Gal Aptroot

VP Engineering


Avishai Yosef

Quality Assurance Team Leader


Dimitri Sherman

DevOps Engineer


Ari Limor

Sales Manager

Advisory Team

Ken Bloom

Founder and Former CEO, INTTRA

Peter Sands

Former CEO, Standard Chartered Bank

Dani Ruschin

Chairman, Ruschin Investment Ltd.